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Liberty Films Synopsis Order
The Price

When a man becomes God’s vessel, he give all his entire being to serve God unconditionally. The devil fights against such faithfulness and commitment.

The Kids are Angry
When couples fight, the feelings of the children suffer. In this film, the kids decide to take matters in their hands.  
Grace to Grass
When God prospers a ministry, and the minister must continuously remain humble and faithful to God, and shun all worldly enticements, there is a price to pay. Grace to grass is a sad end of a great man of God who failed to abide in his calling by introducing “modern accommodating trends” in contrast to God’s word in his ministry.  
Holy Crime
Holy Crime is based on a true life story where individuals use the pulpit to perpetuate evil. While the prophet is seen by all as a saint (including the government of the day). He is actually a true agent of the Devil. He uses his alter to kill many loyalists. Holy crime reveals all their strategies, mode of operations and, eventually, their end.  
End of the Wicked
every works of evil is exposed by the righteous God who alone saves the righteous from the traps set against him.  
The Coven
A revelation of a typical witchcraft planning, manipulation, monitoring, and eventual execution of their evil devices against the unsuspecting victim.  
Married to a Witch
Inability to discern clearly the Holy Spirit’s leading and gentle voice has led many to a sad end. The Word of God and his Spirit’s leading still remains the only infallible pathway to a peaceful and successful journey on this earth.  
Highway to the Grave
The fair lady that controls the coastal seas always presents herself through numerous human agents in different levels of life to ruin homes, business, career, endeavors property and life. She demands worship from human beings. She possesses women and men alike. She spreads her pollution mostly through sexual immoralities of all shapes and forms. She is the "Highway to the Grave". Every married man must watch this.  
Magic Money
Desperate jobless youths who are all out to make it in life in order to meet their needs, see themselves helplessly embracing the path of destruction. To make fast money is always a quick way to one's destruction. Magic money reveals true life encounters and the various demonic ways people acquire wealth.  
Power to Bind
The fear of death leads many to seek solution outside godly ways. Power to bind evil is from God and must be sincerely and righteously sought after. At the peak of demonic invasions, if God's people who believe pray and exercise their spiritual right and authority, all form of evil forces are chased out of their lives. Victory is always for the righteous.  
Wasted Years
This state where a man enjoys all the world can offer, but refuses to acknowledge God or pay God his due honour, reverence and respect, God sees as robbery. The end of such people is usually pitiful. This movie is a must watch!  
I Was Wrong
A woman married to a wealthy man soon finds Christ. Wealth and humility in Christ results in serious conflict. Chief could not understand the sudden switch by his wife from affluence to common life. He later found out that all that he exerted on the wife were rather, multiple reasons why the wife persevered on the new found faith. He was wrong.  
Zion's Gate
When the poor seek God, He is always available  to change their poverty to abundance. Many blessed hearts soon depart from the living Truth of God to a life of affluence. In Zion’s Gate, God gives room for a second chance.  
God owns this world. He is definitely coming soon. He will rature all His faithful believers in a twinkling of an eye, to be with Him forever. After rapture the anti-Christ would perpetuate evil and curse the Holy God. Those who were not raptured would face the fierce and cruel anger of the anti-Christ. You can escape this great judgment now.  
Child Rescue
The film highlights some of the ways children are abused and how the society must come to their aid. This film also shows the passion Helen Ukpabio has for children  
Hell Fire
The bible prophesies are gradually taking place one after the other. The end of the age is drawing close. All who live for themselves and not for Christ will come face to face with the reality of the Word of God. Hell fire is the final destination for all people that reject Jesus Christ and his words. You still have the chance for escape now, as the door of mercy is still wide open.  
Painful Gain
As it was in the days of Noah. They were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the judgment came upon the entire world. The signs are visible all over the world: abundance of iniquity, backsliding among believers. Chief Attah and his political cohorts reveling in iniquity, Kelvin and his family backsliding from the faith. Now, all stand before the judgment seat of Christ.  
Light Afflictions
The film x-rays travails of a woman without a child.  

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